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LaVar Ball needs to go!

4 reasons the Lakers need to get rid of LaVar Ball…and fast

“You can see they’re not playing for Luke no more” – LaVar Ball

Whilst Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball has made a solid start to his NBA career, averaging 10 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists in his 34 games, the spotlight burns far brighter on his controversial father LaVar.

It appears that after weathering the storm of early media attention that followed LaVar for the early part of the season, the NBA has finally said enough is enough. Following his criticism of young coach Luke Walton it is time that the Lakers issue LaVar an ultimatum; control yourself or we trade your son.

  1. LaVar is planting seeds of doubt that threaten the Lakers’ future success

You can say ‘no-one listens to LaVar Ball’ but his opinion gets huge media coverage. The Lakers are a young team with a young coach, realistically at the beginning of re-building their franchise after the Kobe Bryant dynasty. The seeds that LaVar is planting are looking like they will grow into weeds, sucking the life out of everything around them. The Lakers needs their franchise to be on the same page.

  1. The Lakers have been sold a lie.

As ESPN highlighted “the Lakers may have gone into this relationship with rose coloured glasses, but their eyes were wide open”. LaVar may have insisted that he was going to take a backseat to Lonzo’s career in Los Angeles, but he was straight up lying. LaVar said what the Lakers wanted to hear and had no intention of taking a backseat.

  1. Who will LaVar target next?

LaVar Ball needs attention like a fire needs oxygen. The fact that we are writing this article shows the impact he is having in the NBA. The biggest issue is that once the heat dies down from his criticism of coach Luke Walton, who does he go after next? How long before he singles out Lonzo’s teammates or the Lakers’ administration?

  1. Lonzo Ball needs to stand on his own two feet

Perhaps the saddest part of this whole saga is that Lonzo Ball has made a great start to what could be a long, successful NBA career. Whilst his brothers are off playing in Lithuania with little real prospect of ever playing in the NBA, Lonzo needs a stable foundation to build his game on.

Lonzo needs to realise quickly that his value as a player is actually decreasing with every soundbite or interview that his father gives. What team seeing how LaVar has destabilised the Lakers’ environment would want to have Lonzo on their team at the moment?

LaVar Ball offers absolutely nothing positive to the future of the Lakers franchise. He needs to go. Now.

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