Need to find an event quickly?

CrownBet Search makes finding promotions, racing and sports markets a breeze on both desktop and mobile. Simply type in the event that you’re after, and CrownBet Search will give you the results at the touch of a button.

To use CrownBet Search, simply follow these steps:

Step 1.

Type the racing or sports market you’re looking for into the search field.

Step 2.

Select the market that you’re after from the dropdown menu.

Step 3.

Place your bet from the available markets.

Search Box & Drop Down

Enter the racing or sports market that you’re after into the search box at the top of the CrownBet site. As you are typing, CrownBet Search will populate the drop-down box with relevant markets.

Results Page

Once you have finished typing the sport or racing market you’re after, simply click on the result that most closely matches your search query. This will take you to the available betting markets for that particular event.

From this drop-down menu, you will also be able to…

Filter Search Results

If you would like to further filter your Search results for Racing, click on the “Racing Search Results” button on the drop-down menu. From here you will be taken to a page with a full list of relevant results matching your query.

Use the filter menu on the left hand side to further narrow down the page results, until you find exactly what you need!